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What does an accountant do?

In the Netherlands, there are many accountancy firms. From international firms who want to make an entrance at the Dutch market like Reanda. Or small local accountants firm who likes to help the locals or the big four. For every company, there is an accountancy firm that can help you with the finance of your business. But before we dive into the different firms, it is good to know what an accountant does and what kind of different types of accountants there are. 

What is an accountant? 

An accountant is a person who makes up and checks the annual financial statements of a business. Before an accountant can call himself an accountant, he needs to have a certification of a special education. An accountant is not something you can be after finishing a financial study. And first the (almost) accountant has to have one of two years work experience. After that it is official to call the accountant a real accountant.  Because the accountant has a very important role in the company like controlling, working together and advising the other financial employees. 

Different types of accountants

In the Netherlands, there are two different kinds of accountants: the registered accountant and the administrative accountant. The type of accountant depends on the activities that they carry out. But it also depends on the education that they followed. To work as a registered accountant also known as the RA you have to follow an university study. And to work as an administrative accountant (AR) you have to follow a higher education and graduate with a bachelors degree. 


Most big companies have their own accountant. If the company is too small, they hire an external accountant. 


But in both situations, the accountant is responsible for financial statements of the company.