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Long knitwear is suitable for every season

Do you enjoy wearing long knitwear? The items made by Kiro by Kim can be worn all year long because of the mohair yarn that is used in the production process. This type of yarn remains cool during the warmer days of the year, enabling you to wear long knitwear all summer long. Additionally, the long knitwear can be worn during the colder days of the year, as the yarn also insulates. This makes it an incredibly comfortable accessory during winter. The ability to wear it all year long is not the only advantage of mohair yarn. The yarn also has a beautiful sheen, which will surely suit you very well. This means that the long knitwear by Kiro by Kim is both comfortable and beautiful. Would you like to find out for yourself? Search for an item that suits your personal style and place your order right away. You could also visit one of the selected high-end stores in the Netherlands and take a look at the items before ordering. You will surely be surprised by the excellent quality, so you will not regret your purchase.

The various types of long knitwear

Kiro by Kim offers various types of long knitwear, such as a hand-knitted coat, shawls or sweaters. These various types of clothing are available in different types in colors and designs, so you will surely find an item that matches your personal style. Take a look at the complete collection now and order your favorite items.

Get in touch with these experts

Would you like to know more about the long knitwear made by Kiro by Kim before ordering? Feel free to get in touch with these experts by using the contact information on their website. They are more than happy to provide you with additional information about the origin of their yarn or to answer any question you might have.